Beyond the tools


It´s about turning your operational structure into a platform. Where value is created by having an approach centered in meeting your marketing and sales development goals.


We bring Technnect, our approach to connect: Objectives, Scalability, Technology, Processes and Performance.

Operational objectives

  • Reduce processing time of current tasks and respond to last-minute requests effectively

  • Create a seamless process for initiatives that are time consuming, allowing direct supervision with minimum impact on other enterprise operations

  • Increase data quality control to improve campaigns results

  • Add more resources when needed for your high demand seasons or provide support to projects that need the additional attention.

Defining an Out-Tasking Scalability structure

  • Implementation of request templates and guidelines for internal clients.

  • Establish a tasks priority system to assign resources and reduce delivery timelines.

  • Development of request scalabilty levels  based on tasks complexity, workload, expertise needed.

  • Define processes for time critical requests, backlogs and bottlenecks.

  • Create an action plan to add resources and expertise for high demand seasons and demand exponential growth.

Learning how technology fits your needs

  • Simplify platforms management
  • Identify manual tasks that need to interact to bring automation to projects
  • Define scalability factors and controls to ensure delivery as planned

Creating Collective Knowledge


  • Process is continuously under evaluation to perform better
  • As the process changes with new needs  we adapt  to Time zones, new response times, unplanned project peaks, new communications channels
  • It is a process- manager fit

Monitoring Performance

  • Requirements delivery schedule
  • Number of requirements processed
  • Quality assurance and control


CRM integration

Data enrichment

Lead qualification

Marketing automation configuration

Segmentations management

Multichannel campaigns coordination

Database management

Data migration

Third party platforms integration

Email campaigns

Chatbots deployment

Lead generation reports and metrics